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Created on 31.10.2019

Foreign trade: how Swiss SMEs handle internationalization

In what areas are Swiss companies particularly successful in foreign trade, and how? And what challenges do SMEs face compared with larger companies? A study gives us some answers.

Foreign trade is vitally important for Switzerland, with its small domestic market. The “Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey” (SIES) reveals what characterizes Swiss companies in particular as well the areas they are especially successful in. The 2016 survey also sheds light on the various challenges for SMEs in comparison to bigger companies and so-called born globals, which are internationally active from the time they are founded.

The SIES looks at the following issues in depth:  

  • How do Swiss SMEs approach internationalization in a global context?
  • What are the reasons and conditions for internationalization?
  • How is internationalization carried out, and what are the obstacles?
  • What are the success factors?
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