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Created on 07.06.2021

RAINBOW network: striving for an open working environment

PostFinance has a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion. With its Group-wide RAINBOW network, the company is committed to the LGBTQIA+ community.

As an employer, PostFinance actively rejects all forms of discrimination in the workplace. It also focuses on creating a working environment that is free from prejudice and where it is possible to be open and confident about one’s sexual orientation and gender identity. One of these measures is the Group-wide RAINBOW network. As part of an overall concept, it supports the diversity and inclusion of all employees by addressing issues relating to sexual orientation and sexual identity and by responding to the concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, intersex and asexual employees. The plus in the abbreviation LGBTQIA+ stands for openness to further identities.

The goals of the RAINBOW network

The RAINBOW network  pursues three primary goals: firstly, all Swiss Post and PostFinance employees should be aware of the diversity of sexual orientations and identities. This is intended to minimize obstacles such as prejudices and fears. Second, the RAINBOW network provides support for questions relating to sexual orientation and identity. It offers information and advice to affected employees as well as to managers and those seeking to educate themselves. Thirdly, nobody should feel alone. With this in mind, the RAINBOW  network gives employees the opportunity to meet others, exchange ideas and make friends.

Why we need the RAINBOW network

The RAINBOW network seeks to make all Swiss Post and PostFinance employees aware that discrimination based on sexual identity or sexual orientation is inappropriate. This discrimination often results from prejudices and traditionally held views that are passed down. The network is a point of contact with the support of Group Executive Management. It aims to reduce fear of contact and to improve acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Why the RAINBOW network is participating in the Pride Parade

By participating in the Pride Parade, the RAINBOW network is raising general awareness of the fact that there are many people with different sexual orientations and identities throughout the Swiss community. The network is also publicly demonstrating the support of Swiss Post and PostFinance for employees and their concerns.

Interview with Oliver Hold

Oliver Hold
Oliver Hold

Oliver Hold, as a PostFinance employee you have been involved in the RAINBOW network, including as Co-Chair, for the past six years. Why?

Although great progress has been made in recent years in achieving awareness of diversity and equal treatment for the various social groups, members of the LGBTQIA+ community are still experiencing acts of violence and discrimination. As with equal rights for women or issues related to racism, it is important that society regularly and actively addresses the issue of diversity. It is important to us that society as a whole consciously becomes used to human diversity – and finally accepts it. This includes same-sex couples, people who change their gender, or people who have no sexual drive. All these and many other identities exist, and this should not result in people harming each other – psychologically or physically.

“It’s important to us that society as a whole consciously becomes used to human diversity – and finally accepts it.”

What is your personal experience with regard to inclusion at PostFinance?

I generally find PostFinance to be quite open and tolerant. In 16 years I never got the impression that I was being discriminated against because of my sexual orientation. In this respect, there are currently relatively few overarching activities at PostFinance. But I do keep noticing smaller signs of progress that come from the awareness of individuals, which I’m very happy about. These include, for example, attempts to gender correctly and a great deal of openness to dialogue and suggestions for improvement.

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