PostFinance Mobile Payment

PostFinance Mobile Payment. The mobile payment method


Offer your customers a new way of purchasing your products quickly and easily with the PostFinance Mobile fast service. As soon as your customers have completed the one-time registration for the PostFinance Mobile fast service, they will be able to pay you directly using their mobile phone (by text message or phone call).

Here's how it works

  1. The customer orders your product or service by text message (keyword to speed-dial number) or over the phone
  2. A technical partner (ASP) with whom you cooperate for the Mobile Payment service authenticates the transaction with PostFinance. If the customer's postal account has sufficient funds, the purchase amount is reserved on the account
  3. The technical partner sends you the order
  4. The purchase amount is transferred from your customer's postal account to your business account
  5. You deliver the product or service ordered to the customer

Your company (SP - Service Provider)

As a service provider, you are a provider/seller of products, information or services through a mobile sales channel.

Technical partner (ASP - Application Service Provider)

The technical partner provides services for you and makes screens and interfaces available so that you can receive customer orders and administer payments.

Details on prices and conditions

We recommend working together with one of the following partners who has already implemented the authorization, delivery and notification interfaces with PostFinance:

NameTelephoneInternet site
Ergonomics AG+41 (0) 58 311 10 00
iAge GmbH+41 (0) 43 844 61 68
ICT Vision+41 (0) 31 544 64 97
MNC Mobile News Channel SAOffice Zurich:
+41 (0) 44 465 35 43
Office Lausanne:
+41 (0) 21 317 50 20
MOBILEtechnics SA+41 (0) 32 328 20 00
e24 AG+41 (0) 58 311 10 31
getunik AG+41 (0) 44 388 55 88
xsmart AG+41 (0) 44 956 51 22
smarcom AG+41 (0) 31 721 22 22


Together with our various partners, we offer the right solution for every sector:

  • Remote payments: Make use of a new sales channel and allow your customers to order your products easily from anywhere via SMS.
  • On-site payments: With this mobile channel, you can give your customers the opportunity to pay you directly without using cash or cards. As a provider, all you need is a mobile phone to which confirmation of payment can be sent. Alternatively, confirmation can be sent by e-mail.
  • SMS donations: Thanks to the mobile channel, you can give donors the option of donating anytime, anywhere. This will also attract a younger target audience, making it easy for them to make small donations and helping you secure a new target group.
  • Tickets: Thanks to our mobile ski ticketing solutions, you can offer your customers the option of purchasing a day pass conveniently by SMS. The ski authorization is automatically uploaded to the Skidata keycard or Swatch Snowpass.
  • Ticket machines: Offer your customers the option of paying at your ticket machines, even if they don't have the necessary change.

If none of the above solutions are suitable for you, simply contact us and we'll be pleased to work with you to find your ideal solution.

Registration for your customers

PostFinance customers complete a one-time registration for PostFinance Mobile fast service in e-finance, via SMS, in the apps (iApp or Android) or at a Postomat.

The advantages of e-finance: excellent conditions, intelligent solutions

Manage your accounts conveniently online: round the clock, secure and convenient.

  • You save on fees: electronic account documents (PDF, XML) are free of charge
  • You save time: you already know at 6 a.m. which payments have been made

PostFinance App

With the PostFinance App, you can view your current balance and the last 20 transactions on your accounts, transfer money, top up your talktime credit and much more.