Starting a business

You need more than one good idea to take successful steps towards independence. It requires business acumen, perseverance, expertise, a good network and professional support.

Do you want to bring your business idea to life? To make founding a company simple and successful, PostFinance has mapped out the company founding process for you.

Three success stories

PostFinance has profiled three companies on their way to independence. The founders are at various stages of entrepreneurship and explain their personal success stories. They give you tips and tricks and point out potential stumbling blocks.

Here’s how founding a company works. First-hand tips and tricks.

The preparatory phase

During the founding phase

Professional support during the founding phase is invaluable. As well as comprehensive advice concerning your financial needs and tailored offers, PostFinance maintains a partnership with IFJ which provides support and advice for future budding entrepreneurs.

Manage accounts receivable easily online

With PostFinance SmartBusiness you can create your invoices and manage your income easily online.

Keep track of your money wherever you are

With the PostFinance App you always have access to your accounts and can manage your money conveniently online.

More knowledge, better business

The publications from PostFinance feature useful tips and practical examples.