Facts and figures

In the financial year 2016, PostFinance generated earnings before tax (EBT) as per Group IFRS guidelines of 542 million francs. This represents a decline of 33 million francs or 5.7 percent.

Earnings before tax (EBT)

PostFinance recorded earnings before tax of 542 million francs (–33 million francs year-on-year). The fact that the decline in profit was only moderate despite extremely difficult conditions on the financial markets is primarily due to non-recurring revenue from the sale of equity holdings and a participation. The operating result was therefore down significantly year-on-year.

Headcount (full-time positions on annual average)

PostFinance employed 4,053 staff at the end of 2016. This corresponds to 3,599 full-time quivalents.

Number of Customers (in million)

Almost 2.7 million private customers and 301,000 business customers put their trust in PostFinance. Our range of services is straightforward and user-friendly, enabling our customers to manage their own finances at all times.


Transaction volumes (in million)

The billion mark was exceeded once again, with 1,044 million payment transactions processed. Overall, our customers carried out transactions representing a total volume of some 1,800 billion francs.

E-finance users (in million)

More than 1.7 million customers handle all their finances online. This makes PostFinance the ideal partner for everyone who wants to manage their own finances as easily as possible.

Number of customer accounts (in thousand)

The number of customer accounts rose from 38,000 in 1920 to 4,845,000 in 2016.

Customer deposits (in million CHF)

Increasing numbers of customers are entrusting PostFinance with their money. Customer assets managed by PostFinance have increased steadily over the past few years. PostFinance is committed to selecting long-term, high quality investments for customer deposits.

Annual earnings (in Mio.)


Number of Customers (in Mio.)

Transaction volumes (in Mio.)

E-finance users (in Mio.)

Number of customer accounts (in thousand)

Customer deposits (in Mio.)