Brand and advertising

Von der ersten Kampagne zum PC-Konto bis zur eigenständigen Marke: Wir entwickeln nicht nur unsere Produkte weiter, sondern passen auch unsere Kommunikation der Zeit an. Und bleiben dabei unserer Herkunft treu.


Launch of the Post cheque service

When Swiss Post started offering post and girocheque services, the logo lacked a symbol for payment transactions.


United into PTT

Post, Telegraph and Telephone Administration united into the new PTT, but payment transactions were not specifically mentioned.


"Up to date" with Postcheque account

Swiss Post advertised its payment transaction services with a modern English catchphrase. The person who had a Post cheque account was "Up to date".


All advantages, short and sweet

Safe, cheap, simple, fast, convenient In a 1972 campaign, the advantages of a Postcheque account were summarised in a single sentence.


With a finger on the pulse of time

Swiss Post moved with the times and with promises of independence in down-to-earth youth campaigns spoke to the spirit of the time.


More colour, more emotion

Post cheque account turned into the Yellow Account. Advertisements became colourful, audacious and emotional.


The Post world turned yellow

In keeping with Yellow Account, the colour yellow took on a dominant role in advertisements.


Becoming a brand

The business unit name "Zahlungsverkehr Post" was replaced by "Postfinance" in 1997. Lettering first appeared next to the "Swiss Post" brand in 1999 when the Deposito account was introduced.


New logo

Swiss Post developed "Post" as umbrella brand. Alas, "PostFinance" was positioned as one of five brands.


Brand promise and distinctive feature

PostFinance now offers "Everything about money." The pedestrian stripes were turned into a branding element.


Closer to clients

PostFinance adjusted its brand promise. With "Surpassing support" we now make a direct promise to clients.


Evolution instead of revolution

The PostFinance logo underwent additional small changes. The umbrella brand appendix "Post" was removed.


When money is easy, life is easy

When your private and professional lives are full of difficult questions, there's an easy answer for finance: PostFinance. That's why PostFinance is promoting its solutions for card and e-finance payments, as well as its solution for easy financial overviews, for both private and business customers.