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PostFinance launches new e-finance

The number one in Switzerland for e-banking has a brand new look. PostFinance has revised its e-finance and is launching the new version for customers today. The user interface has been fundamentally overhauled and given a modern tile design. This makes e-banking from PostFinance even easier and more intuitive to use.

With 1.6 million users, e-finance from PostFinance is the most popular online banking platform in Switzerland. From today, its desktop and tablet versions have a brand new look. Using responsive design, the display adapts to suit the end device that customers use for their electronic finances. The mobile browser version and apps for smartphones will be redesigned in spring 2015.

Modern tile-based design

PostFinance has completely overhauled the e-finance user interface. Customers now see the most important functions on the home page in the form of tiles. Together with the new information structure, this makes e-finance even easier, clearer and more intuitive to use. Customers can move and rearrange the tiles to suit their preferences. New features such as mailbox messages, outstanding e-bills and payment approvals are now shown in a central Notification Center.

E-cockpit, the personal financial assistant

PostFinance was the first financial institution to launch an electronic financial assistant in online banking two years ago with e-cockpit. Based on the experience and knowledge gained over the past few months, the service has undergone further development and now forms an integral part of e-finance. E-cockpit provides customers with an improved overview of their financial situation. Income and expenses are automatically categorized and presented visually. The categories can be changed as required. Customers can also define and monitor budgets and savings goals.

Offers from third parties

PostFinance intends to display special offers from third parties to private customers in e-finance from April 2015. The data analysed for such marketing purposes will always remain with PostFinance. The data will not be accessed by third parties and the selling of data to third parties is not permitted. It will also not be possible for third parties to identify individuals. Customers who do not want to receive offers of this kind can unsubscribe from the service, either online if they have not yet accepted the new Subscriber Conditions for e-finance, or in writing.

For independent customers

Customers are becoming increasingly independent when it comes to their finances. PostFinance is taking account of this trend and is the first choice for all those who manage their own finances. Expanding and enhancing its range of digital services is therefore an essential part of PostFinance's strategy. The new e-finance makes online banking even easier to use. PostFinance is also the market leader in mobile banking – its apps have been downloaded 540,000 times to date.

Security a top priority

Security and trust are crucial in e-banking. PostFinance operates a complex, effective security system for its online banking. The login process for the new e-finance remains the same, with the yellow card reader, Swisscom Mobile ID or PostFinance displaycard. It is important for customers to ensure that their computers meet the latest security standards (firewall, anti-virus) and to regularly update their operating system.


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