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PostFinance is the main partner of "I believe in you"

PostFinance and «I believe in you» are entering into a partnership. As of 1 May 2015, the financial institution is the main partner of the crowdfunding platform. Using, anybody, from youth players or village clubs to professional athletes, can secure financial support for their sporting project. PostFinance helps to finance every project that is successfully launched.

PostFinance and "I believe in you": a good fit. The financial institution has already been supporting Swiss sport for many years. PostFinance hopes to promote sports of all kinds even more strongly with its commitment to I believe in you. "Regardless of whether it’s an individual or team sport, or whether the player is an amateur or professional athlete: every successful project will be supported by PostFinance with up to 200 francs," explains Thomas Zimmerman, Head of Branding & Sponsoring at PostFinance.

The crowdfunding platform has been successfully active since the end of June 2013 and focuses exclusively on funding Swiss sporting projects. For Mike Kurt, canoeing world champion and co-founder of "I believe in you", the partnership with PostFinance is a milestone: "As a representative of a fringe sport, I know first-hand how difficult it is to get hold of finances. I’m convinced that thanks to the support of PostFinance, even more sportsmen and -women will be able to successfully make their projects a reality in the future."

PostFinance Boost brings results

Crowdfunding means that numerous supporters (a crowd) participate in financing (funding) a project. "I believe in you" works on the all-or-nothing principle: if a project reaches its financial target within a defined period of time it will receive all the funding raised. If the overall target is not met, the supporters keep their money.

Starting now, PostFinance Boost is there to ensure that as many projects as possible reach their financial target in future. As soon as a project reaches 50% of its funding, PostFinance contributes 10% of the target amount, up to a maximum of 200 francs, to the project. As with the other contributions, PostFinance Boost is also only paid out if the project is successfully funded.


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