Press Release

PostFinance campaign sees digital banking speak to customers and passers-by

Since the end of October, PostFinance has been focusing on its digital banking with a large-scale advertising campaign. It will run throughout Switzerland until 24 November. Various statements about digital banking appear on posters, flyers, online advertising, Postomat screens and the website as well as in branches, on social media, TV and WebTV, advertising PostFinance’s digital banking features that save time and are available at all times.

PostFinance aims to become the number one digital bank in Switzerland. We are constantly endeavouring to provide easy, digital solutions. Digital banking from PostFinance makes life simple, saves time and can be used anytime. With the campaign, “Digital banking. Those who know me, love me.”, PostFinance wants to make a bold statement to the world. Those who aren’t using digital banking yet should take the plunge, because they’ll have more time for sport, the dog, sex (naturally!) and all the other wonderful things in life. PostFinance has around 1.8 million registered e-finance users. That’s a substantial number, but many customers do not yet actively use digital banking. PostFinance would like to change that with this campaign.

“Go Digital” courses

If you’re still not quite comfortable in the digital world, you can take a free “Go Digital” course at a PostFinance branch to become familiar with digital banking. In addition to a beginner’s course, you can also book a follow-on user course and finally an advanced course. This year more than 3,000 customers have already taken part in “Go Digital” courses. According to feedback, three quarters of the course participants would recommend the “Go Digital” course to others. Who is this offer aimed at? PostFinance customers who want to manage their finances more easily but would like to be shown how the app or e-finance (desktop) works. A course lasts between 45 to 60 minutes and can be attended at all 39 PostFinance branches

Payment assistant

Fewer tiles, fewer keystrokes: with the new e-finance payment assistant, payments can be made quickly and easily. Once payments have been entered, they are easy to find by name or account number. The most frequent payment recipients are displayed in the payment wizard and can be selected with one click; the payment data is automatically transferred to the details screen. It’s easy, uncomplicated, and saves time. In the Transfers menu item, you can transfer accounts, load credit cards and make payments into a retirement savings account, among other things.

Scan + Pay

No more typing in account and reference numbers on inpayment slips: Scan + Pay makes it possible to make payments in 4.36 seconds. Simply log in to e-finance via the PostFinance App on your smartphone, click on Scan + Pay, select the barcode symbol, select the account, and click on “Next”. Then scan the code line on the inpayment slip and confirm the payment. Scan + Pay is also integrated as a menu item in the payment assistant. At the end of each month, PostFinance records the 30,000 transactions which are carried out daily via Scan + Pay on a smartphone or via document readers on the desktop.

User numbers for the PostFinance App

Get quick and easy access to e-finance or e-trading via the new PostFinance App login procedure. Fingerprint or Face ID is all you need to log in. You can now also approve online purchases made with a credit card by using fingerprint or Face ID instead of the 3-D Secure password you previously used. Once you’ve discovered this new login procedure for yourself, you won’t want to go back. As the latest figures show, since June around 360,000 users have activated the login via the app, 342,000 of whom have logged in at least once. A total of around 10 million logins have been completed with the new method, of which almost 8 million were via app.

And if you would like a demo or to attend a “Go Digital” course, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Rinaldo Tibolla
Media Spokesperson
076 565 89 73