Press Release

PostFinance Benefit: Suitable offers for PostFinance customers

PostFinance Benefit provides PostFinance’s private customers with discounts of up to 30% in a wide range of retail outlets and online shops based on their affinities. In order to use PostFinance Benefit, PostFinance customers must first consent to the analysis of their transactions.

Once customers have accepted section 20 of the e-finance Subscriber Conditions, PostFinance determines their affinities for individual sectors based on their transactions with PostFinance payment methods (excluding credit cards). Based on this analysis, providers can make suitable discounted offers to relevant target groups. Customers can reserve offers in e-finance and the PostFinance App and redeem them by the given deadline.

Discounts credited in the following month

To take advantage of the discount, customers should pay the regular price using their PostFinance Card or their e-finance login. The discount is then credited to their private account the following month by PostFinance. PostFinance thus ensures that customers remain anonymous to providers. 

Data protection takes top priority

The protection of customer data is of paramount importance to PostFinance and it continually consulted with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) when designing PostFinance Benefit. PostFinance always retains the data collected during analysis. It is neither passed on to nor sold to third parties. Third parties cannot draw conclusions about individuals.

Customers can independently unsubscribe from PostFinance Benefit at any time in e-finance.


Johannes Möri
Media Spokesperson
+41 79 354 08 39