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Corporate venturing: PostFinance acquires participation in wikifolio

PostFinance has acquired a minority interest in the social trading platform wikifolio. wikifolio combines financial investments with the principles of social networks: traders publish their trading activity on the platform in practice custody accounts. Followers can benefit from the traders’ expertise by replicating their investment strategy.

Wikifolio is the market leader in social trading in German-speaking countries. The financial information platform allows private and professional traders to implement their investment strategy transparently and in real time in practice custody accounts. As soon as an investment portfolio fulfils certain conditions – for example when it reaches a certain number of followers – certificates can be issued on the basis of this portfolio. This will make the trader’s relevant investment strategy fungible on the stock market for other investors. The idea of social trading fits perfectly with PostFinance’s aim to make it as easy as possible for their customers to manage their own finances and their financial affairs in general.

Strengthening of investment business

Initially, PostFinance will take a purely financial interest in wikifolio but feels positively about the gradual development of strategic collaboration. “In the coming years we want to experience strong growth in digital investment within the Swiss retail market,” says Daniel Mewes, Head of Investment Solutions at PostFinance. “I see various possibilities for making access to wikifolios easier for our e-trading customers. That would generate a lot of added value as wikifolio certificates are particularly interesting investment tools for independent investors.” To take advantage of the discount, customers should pay the regular price using their PostFinance Card or their e-finance login. The discount is then credited to their private account the following month by PostFinance. PostFinance thus ensures that customers remain anonymous to providers. 

Diversification of income structure

PostFinance generates around two-thirds of its income from the interest differential business. In order to guarantee long-term profitability in the current market environment with low, or even at times negative, interest rates, PostFinance is diversifying its income structure and is tapping into new sources of non-interest income. Corporate venturing is one such business area in which the financial service provider has been more heavily involved since 2016 and in which it is taking opportunities. The main focus of this, as well as the prospective economic success of the company, is the link to its core business or a potential future expansion of the product and service portfolio.


Johannes Möri
Media Spokesperson
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