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PostFinance acquires participation in Swiss fintech Tilbago

On 24 October 2016, the Lucerne-based fintech company Tilbago is launching software with the same name for processing debt collection proceedings. PostFinance has acquired a minority interest in Tilbago AG and will combine the solution with its accounts receivable management tool, PostFinance Smart Business. This will enable the financial service provider to highlight its leading role as an innovative, digitally-oriented company. PostFinance focuses investments on know-how and new technologies in order to make even better and even simpler products and services accessible to its customers.

Around 2.8 million debt collection procedures are initiated each year in Switzerland. Until now, creditors mainly processed their debt collection procedures manually. Implementing and monitoring the procedure entail a substantial administrative workload, as well as incurring costs. This is where Tilbago comes in.

A more cost-efficient debt collection process

The solution from Tilbago guides creditors through the entire debt collection process, ensures compliance with the set deadlines and simplifies planning. Communicating electronically with the debt collection offices reduces the total turnaround time for a case from the initiation of the proceedings until payment by the debtor or the ensuing loss certificate management. As a result, debt collection proceedings can be completed more quickly and more cost-efficiently. The solution therefore offers considerable added value for organizations, SMEs and major corporations from every industry. The technological basis is just as innovative: semantic database technology allows the software to be continually developed to meet changing requirements.

Combining with PostFinance SmartBusiness

PostFinance wants to take the pressure off its customers and help them manage their money as easily as possible. To do so, innovative digital products and services are required. Consequently, PostFinance is not only acquiring a participation in Tilbago AG, but is also combining its solution with PostFinance SmartBusiness. This accounts receivable management software was launched in August 2015 and makes handling accounts receivable easier for small businesses, from creating offers and billing to controlling open receivables. With Tilbago, PostFinance now gives its SME customers access to a further building block in its value chain.

Diversification of income structure

PostFinance currently generates around two thirds of its income from the interest differential business. To guarantee its long-term profitability in the current market environment with low and in some cases negative interest rates, it is essential for PostFinance to diversify its income structure and to tap into new sources of revenue in which non-interest income can be generated. The participation in Tilbago promotes this diversification of income.  


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Media Spokesperson
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David Fuss
CEO Tilbago
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