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PostFinance acquires participation in Sentifi

PostFinance has acquired a minority stake in the Swiss fintech start-up Sentifi. With the help of artificial intelligence, Sentifi analyses unstructured data from social media such as news feeds, blog posts or Twitter messages, and prepares it for financial investors. This enables investors to detect relevant events and trends and predict their potential impact on equities, commodities or currencies early on, and to adjust their investment portfolio accordingly.

Sentifi is one of the world’s leading crowd intelligence providers for financial markets. Financial market participants can exploit the collective intelligence of millions of relevant people and organizations with the help of big data technologies, self-learning algorithms and progressive, context-based conceptual systems. As a result, investors can monitor the market more efficiently and recognize signals that are not present in traditional financial market information systems.

Major market potential

Sentifi’s solution is intended primarily for institutional investors, financial product managers and financial analysts. The online analyses, which are updated by the hour, have already been integrated into more than 50 platforms of leading financial service providers and media portals in nine countries. “PostFinance’s investment will allow us to expand our range of services and invest in our global expansion”, says Dr Anders Bally, the founder and CEO of Sentifi, giving an insight into his plans for the future. Plans include an expansion of the range for investor relation managers and private investors, for example. “Our investment is an acknowledgement of the scientific approach, high technological product maturity and major market potential of the solution”, explains PostFinance CEO Hansruedi Köng.

Diversification of income structure

PostFinance generates around two-thirds of its income from the interest differential business. In order to guarantee long-term profitability in the current market environment with low, or even at times negative, interest rates, PostFinance is diversifying its income structure and is tapping into new sources of non-interest income. Corporate venturing is one such business area in which the financial service provider has been more heavily involved since 2016 and in which it is taking opportunities. The main focus of this, as well as the prospective economic success of the company, is the link to its core business or a potential future expansion of the product and service portfolio.


Johannes Möri
Media Spokesperson
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Dr. Anders Bally
Founder and CEO of Sentifi
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