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PostFinance acquires a share in moneymeets

PostFinance would like to have a larger presence in the Corporate Venturing sector in future. The financial service provider is taking its first steps in this direction with the German financial portal, moneymeets. It involves a financial investment without technical interfaces. There is however an exchange of knowledge amongst the partners, which will allow PostFinance to develop its know-how in the mobile banking sector.

moneymeets is an online platform and community which combines multi-banking, personal finance management and insurance. It is aimed at private individuals in Germany who are interested in improving their finances. With moneymeets, customers benefit from cost savings on financial products, transparency of costs and commission, as well as the knowledge of all the members and exchanges regarding financial matters. moneymeets also presents all affiliated financial products in a clear manner, which makes them easy to evaluate.

Exchange of knowledge and developing of know-how

The business models of PostFinance and moneymeets are aimed at customers who manage their finances individually, at anytime and from anywhere. To do so, simple digital products and services are required. PostFinance is one of the leading Swiss banks in digital banking and is actively driving forward the development of digital banking services. "As part of our involvement with moneymeets there is a transfer of knowledge which allows us to continue to develop our know-how in the digital banking sector and shore up our existing offer", asserts PostFinance CEO, Hansruedi Köng.

Diversification of income structure

PostFinance currently generates around two thirds of its income from the interest differential business. To guarantee its long-term profitability in the current market environment with low and in some cases negative interest rates, it is essential for PostFinance to diversify its income structure and to tap into new sources of revenue in which non-interest income can be generated. Corporate venturing is one such new business area in which the financial institution would like to seize opportunities and have a larger presence in the future.


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Corporate Venturing

For PostFinance, corporate venturing means direct or indirect equity investment in a young, innovative or extremely specialized start-up. The aim of the equity investment is participation in future market changes, the early recognition of disruptive business models and achieving financial gains. For PostFinance, the main focus of corporate venturing involvement is, as well as the prospective economic success of the company, the link to its core business or a potential future expansion of the product and services portfolios.