Press Release

Limit for contactless payment without PIN to remain at 80 francs

In April 2020, PostFinance increased the limit for contactless payments without PIN entry with its cards from 40 to 80 francs. In consultation with the other card providers in Switzerland, this limit is being retained for all credit, debit and prepaid cards. It means that customers and retailers can continue processing a large share of their card payments quickly, easily and securely without PIN entry.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in demand from Swiss people for contactless payment with cards at checkouts. Use of the contactless payment function with the PostFinance Card has seen a constant rise during this period. Dispensing with PIN entry means payment terminals do not have to be touched. This allows customers to adhere more rigorously to the behavioural and hygiene recommendations stipulated by the authorities in Switzerland and to protect themselves against infection with coronavirus.

Limit applies to all debit, prepaid and credit cards

In April 2020, PostFinance – together with the international card organizations American Express, Mastercard and Visa as well as all card issuers and acceptance partners in Switzerland – decided to temporarily increase the limit for contactless payments without PIN entry at payment terminals from 40 to 80 francs. The parties involved have now decided to retain this limit permanently. It applies to all credit, debit and prepaid cards.

No PIN entry for mobile payments

Contactless payment without PIN entry at payment terminals has been available for some time with PostFinance’s mobile payment solutions. PostFinance customers can store the PostFinance Card digitally on their Android smartphone or link it with the TWINT payment app. With these payment methods, PIN entry is never required at the terminal, and customers do not have to hand over their mobile device.