Press Release

Finform brings the deluge of forms under control

The Swiss FinTech company, Finform, will be beginning operations on 1 July 2016. The innovative software and service provider is a joint venture of PostFinance and AXON IVY. Finform will reshape the industrialization of banking processes and, in doing so, will help keep the swelling deluge of forms under control. PostFinance and the AXON Group founded the FinTech joint venture Finform. Finform is the first FinTech company in Switzerland to actively promote digital transformation in the field of compliance and enable customers to experience it directly.

Efficiency gains and cost savings

In the digital and connected world, identification processes and compliance are becoming more and more important. The usually time-consuming and constantly growing activities associated with this have an excessively negative impact on the income statements of financial service providers, however. Finform, with its application and specialists working in the background, is able to realize a lot of potential in this area. This combination increases current processing speeds and enables a high level of automation. This means that savings of more than thirty percent of current process costs can be achieved. At the same time, the level of satisfaction of new customers, who need to be served quickly and in person, can also be increased. Last but not least, front office staff are supported in compliance matters and the burden placed on them is considerably reduced.


René Oppliger 
CEO Finform
076 383 73 84