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Easy accounts receivable management for small businesses: PostFinance SmartBusiness

PostFinance wants to eliminate interruptions in companies’ financial processes. In August 2015, the financial service provider therefore launched a tool to enable efficient, professional accounts receivable management: PostFinance SmartBusiness. The online platform makes handling accounts receivable easier for small businesses; from creating offers and billing to controlling open receivables. This reduces the workload associated with managing their finances, giving them more time for their core business.

Market analyses show that there is a great need for simple tools that allow professional accounts receivable management, particularly in small businesses. Until now however, there were only a few solutions of this kind in Switzerland. Thanks to PostFinance SmartBusiness, PostFinance is filling the gap and helping small businesses take care of their paperwork. By entering or importing customer or product data once, time spent on tasks such as creating offers and invoices can be drastically reduced. Offers can be created in just a few clicks and sent via e-mail or by post. If the business gets done, the offers can be converted into invoices directly. The subsequent incoming payments can be entered directly and reconciled with the outstanding accounts receivable.

30-day free trial

PostFinance SmartBusiness is available for a 30-day free trial. Users can then choose between two different packages: PostFinance SmartBusiness Basic (15 francs per month, excl. VAT) consists of product, service and customer management, creation of offers and invoices, as well as accounts receivable functions with direct reconciliation of incoming payments. PostFinance SmartBusiness Advanced (19.90 francs per month, excl. VAT) also comprises time reporting for staff and project management. The tool is web-based, which means that no separate software needs to be downloaded or installed.


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