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E-banking: Agreement between PostFinance and FDPIC

In Autumn 2014, the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) began a fact-finding mission regarding data processing at PostFinance for e-cockpit and for the planned offers from third-parties. Both parties have now come to an agreement. As a result of the discussions with the FDPIC, customers will once again be informed of their options in a transparent manner. Data analysis is optional for all customers.

In Autumn 2014, due to various changes to its e-banking, PostFinance implemented new Subscriber Conditions. Amongst other things, these Subscriber Conditions state that PostFinance will evaluate its private customers' payment details in order to provide them with tailored offers from third-parties in future. Furthermore, e-cockpit became a more integral part of e-finance and was automatically activated for customers.

In Autumn 2014 the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) began a fact-finding mission on this subject, which addressed the question of whether or not the data evaluation planned by PostFinance and the gathering of consent for the evaluation complied with the current data protection regulations. With its changes to e-finance, PostFinance does comply with the provisions of the data protection officer. The latter has concluded that the consent for data evaluation should not be directly linked with consenting to the Subscriber Conditions, but rather should be gathered separately.

PostFinance complies with the FDPIC’s recommendations. All customers who already agreed to the new Subscriber Conditions for e-finance in Autumn will be expressly requested to state whether or not they would like to receive offers from third-parties in future. E-cockpit will be automatically activated in e-finance as before. E-cockpit can now be completely hidden upon unsubscribing from the service. After unsubscribing, payment details will no longer be categorized.


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Offers from third parties

From around Autumn 2015, PostFinance will show its private customers targeted, preferential offers from third-party providers in e-finance. In order to make this possible, PostFinance will evaluate its customers' payment data. This means that business customers too can offer discounts on their entire range while private customers benefit from tailored offers. The data gathered during the analysis will always remain with PostFinance. The data will not be passed on to or accessed by third parties and the selling of data to third parties is not permitted. Third parties cannot draw conclusions about individuals.


PostFinance launched e-cockpit in April 2012. In doing so, PostFinance was the first financial institution in Switzerland to introduce this type of personal financial management (PFM) service for its private customers. E-cockpit allows you to see personal transactions in various categories for incomings and outgoings. This graphical overview gives users full control and transparency at all times with regards to finances. With e-cockpit, private customers can analyse their personal finances and manage a personal budget or create a financial plan.