The financial center presents the new QR bill

As of January 2019, the QR bill will replace the current orange and red Swiss inpayment slips. The Swiss financial center has today announced the technical specifications of the new solution. This has paved the way for the new solution to be connected to banks and software companies.

The first payments using the new QR bill will be possible as of 1 January 2019. A requirement for its use is that the invoice issuer has migrated their systems to the ISO 20022 standard. The Swiss financial center has been working on the successor to the current inpayment slips for some years now with the aim of reducing processing costs, taking regulatory requirements into account and creating additional benefits for all those involved. 

A typical feature of the QR bill is the “Swiss QR code” bearing the Swiss cross. The code contains all the necessary information for the payment in digital form. The printed information in the number section and the Swiss QR code together form the QR bill.  The current inpayment slips and the new QR bill will be used in parallel during a short transitional period.

You can find more information about the new QR bill here:


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