Press Release

A fresh look for PostFinance branches

Since the beginning of July, the PostFinance branch at the Basel Clara-Shopping center has acquired a fresh, new look: The financial service provider has implemented a new design concept in the customer zone. This makes visiting the branch an emotional experience. The aim of the concept is to appeal to customers’ individual situations and to simplify access to digital services for them.

PostFinance wants to make dealing with money as easy as possible for its customers, and is therefore the first choice for anybody who wishes to manage their finances any time and from anywhere. To do so, modern, user-friendly digital products and services are required. PostFinance started early with the development of digital banking products and today is the market leader in the mobile banking sector.

Simplified access to digital services

PostFinance is breaking new ground and is bringing its various banking products to life in its branches with a unique design concept. One such example is a cheerful teddy bear inviting you to learn more about e-finance, mobile banking and payments from mobile phone to mobile phone. This emotional appeal and positive association should assuage fears and make access to digital services easier.

Gradual redesign of the branch network

PostFinance serves its customers in 43 branches across Switzerland with comprehensive financial consultations in matters relating to payments, savings, investments, retirement planning and financing. PostFinance also provides advice on its numerous e-services such as e-finance, e-payment and PostFinance Mobile. The customer zones are now being redesigned step by step in line with the new concept. Branches in Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich, Lugano and St Gallen will follow suit this year.


Johannes Möri
Media Spokesperson
079 354 08 39