Trainee programme

Make the leap to practical work

Are you looking for a new challenge and ready to start your career? At PostFinance, you can take on responsibility, work on different projects and establish your own network. Have a say in what your trainee programme should look like.

Individual. Project-based. Varied.

One year, two areas of application and various projects. We have continued to develop our trainee programme so you can lay the foundations for your career according to your needs. You can already decide in your application where you would like your first placement to be. You then choose your second placement yourself. 20 percent of your work time is available for projects.


Employment level 80% to 100% 60% to 80% Place of work 1 and 2 (6 month each) 20% Projects (Introduction 1 month, projects 11 month)


You arrange the area of application and projects yourself via a marketplace and decide what your year at PostFinance should look like. Targeted workshops will help you to continue to develop, both professionally and personally. By completing a wide range of tasks, you will have the best opportunities to network with others and benefit from the knowledge of many different employees. And remember – a healthy dose of fun is guaranteed. Sounds perfect for you?

Key information at a glance

Level of employment
80% to 100%
12 months – two areas of application (60% to 80%) and various projects (20%)
Start date
CHF 78,000 per year
Additional benefits
free half-fare travelcard or discounted GA travelcard, numerous preferential offers for Swiss Post staff
Application period
approx. October 2022
  • Placements in the first six months:


    Customers, market and media – if you’re interested in these three topics, you’re in the right place. As a trainee in the field of market research and usability, you will independently conduct research projects and learn about what drives customers and the market and how the media report on PostFinance. Thanks to your keen curiosity and your interest in research, you will have the ideal opportunity to prepare for your future career by working on specific and varied projects in different areas, and also to develop a broad network.

    Investment center

    Want to gain an insight into the financial markets and take a look behind the scenes of the Asset Management Solutions division? Then help us tackle the daily challenges of providing support for and developing our range of solutions, some of which have been recently launched. You will help us to monitor the processing of securities transactions, support our investment advisors with help and advice, and learn how portfolio management works.

    Change Operations

    Ready to apply your knowledge in real scenarios and drive the change needed to generate added value? Then Operations Services is the place for you! You can support us in planning and setting up the new Performance Control & Partner Management unit. This highly varied area of responsibility ranges from KPIs and SLAs to sourcing decisions, and allows you to contribute your ideas and collaborate with internal partners/decision-makers at various management levels.

    Corporate responsibility

    Together with the Corporate Responsibility (CR) team, you’ll tackle the major sustainability challenges. Smart, and with a lot of courage and commitment, you will help us to impress our clients with sustainable and innovative solutions, while also having a positive impact on the environment and society. This is the only way to make banking truly enjoyable and meaningful. Sustainability is a complex and varied topic. You’ll have the opportunity to support projects related to gender equality, as well as measures to reduce our carbon footprint. You will also take responsibility for setting up and managing an internal corporate responsibility community and will support its active commitments. You will always be focused on making a lasting impact.

    Risk management

    Balance sheet controlling includes topics on the liabilities side (customer deposits, customer behaviour, equity) as well as on the assets side (investment decisions in the capital and money market, management, monitoring) of the balance sheet. As a trainee, you’ll have the opportunity to deal with all the financial risks on the PF balance sheet, be it in the form of reporting, analysis, monitoring, method development or specific management approaches.


    Want to get to the bottom of legal issues and learn about the obligations regarding the avoidance of illegal activities via PostFinance bank accounts? Interested in creating guidelines, providing training on them and monitoring compliance with them? Do you have sharp instincts and natural curiosity? Then you’re in the right place! We don’t stop until we get to the bottom of things.


    Work with us to create the marketing of the future! Marketing and customer needs are more than just buzzwords to you, but instead a key element of your professional (or daily) motivation? Would you like to understand customers and use new methods to evaluate their needs? Is providing the right PostFinance solution important to you and are you motivated to ensure it is marketed in the best possible way? Then show us your enthusiasm and help us to steer our retail business and define the right mix for our marketing plan. Are you interested?

    Internal Auditing (exception: placement lasts 12 months)

    Interested in all aspects of a bank – finance, IT, analytics, sales, projects, strategy, HR, and much more. Do you find rigid, analogue working methods old fashioned? Then you’re in the right place at Internal Auditing. This is where you can gain an insight into all the workings of PostFinance. Experienced colleagues will introduce you to the modern and agile skills required in auditing and consulting. You can also generate added value using R, Python, SQL, Tableau and Co.

  • We will be represented at the following career fairs and events and we look forward to meeting you:

  • If you have any questions, you can send us an e-mail. Please note that we cannot consider unsolicited applications sent in this way.

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First-hand accounts – our trainees talk about their job

Evelyne Rüegg

Trainee in Marketing

“As a trainee in retail marketing, I was introduced to practical tools and a number of different methods that help me find out what the real customer requirements are, and to come up with marketing campaigns based on the findings. During my studies in St. Gallen, the focus was on theoretical concepts and developing marketing campaigns for practical work projects. My colleagues at PostFinance were always open to my ideas and happy to answer my questions, and I was able to implement sub-projects myself. As a PostFinance trainee, I can proactively give my own input, and actually have an impact. I am part of a unique working culture that I have really grown to appreciate. What I really like about it is how open my colleagues are, and how easy it is to get along with the team and how personal it all is.”

Samuel Wüthrich

Risk Management Trainee

“Ready, steady, go!” Having been instantly captivated by the openness and friendliness of the PostFinance staff at a graduate job fair, I actually ended up becoming a trainee in risk management a few months later in Berne. From the very first day, I was able to give my own opinion on a number of really interesting finance-related topics, and even take on some responsibility for individual sub-projects. During my traineeship I was introduced to a number of different methods, and I also acquired some specialist knowledge. It is extraordinary the way I was welcomed to the team, who both challenged me and supported me in equal measure. I always feel trusted implicitly, and I can develop without overly high expectations placed on me. I feel the trainee programme in fact surpassed my own personal expectations of the job, team and my colleagues.”