Graduate internship

Want to get off to a flying start – we offer the perfect entry opportunity

Have you been studying for at least four semesters and are you eager to apply your knowledge and implement your ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! We can quench your thirst for action: Over a six-month period, you’ll gain exciting and fascinating insights into one of Switzerland’s leading financial service providers.

An overview of the graduate internship

6 months
Generally February and August
Level of employment
CHF 50,000 per annum
Application period
24 April to 07 May 2023 to start in August 2023
October 2023 to start in February 2024

Placements starting in February 2023

  • Customer Security is the Competence Center for card money security, fraud and online security. We enable our customers to manage their money independently and easily and provide them with a secure environment. We deal with emergency situations concerning online and card money security, actively fight fraud, manage risks and support employees and customers with specific projects as well as on a day-to-day basis.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • You’ll be introduced to the tasks performed by the security organization and will gain a close insight into the activities in the online and card money security and anti-fraud units
    • You’ll acquire a basic knowledge of security and will perform tasks independently
    • You’ll work on fraud management and projects while also supporting the fight against cybercrime in digital banking

    What you’ll offer:

    • You’ll be at least in the fourth semester of your bachelor degree programme in IT or a comparable discipline; ideally focusing on IT security
    • Strong powers of analysis and a systematic, independent and precise approach
    • Good knowledge of German and English

    Recruitment contact person:

    Stephan Zimmermann, Head of Customer Security, tel. +41 79 779 12 56

  • Billing Solutions forms part of the Payment Solutions business unit and is responsible for strategic growth in the field of digital payment transactions (billing), and for developing and operating billing and e-procurement solutions for invoice issuers and recipients.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • Development of new solutions in the high-growth areas of billing (invoicing process) and e-procurement (electronic purchasing by companies) and related areas (e.g. product management, IT, sales, marketing)
    • Digitization of purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes of companies
    • Strengthening and development of PostFinance’s position as Swiss payment champion

    What you’ll offer:

    • You have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics, business engineering or business informatics or want to spend a semester doing an internship after the fourth semester (or higher)
    • You have a keen interest in the business areas of purchasing/procurement and billing
    • You grasp new concepts quickly thanks to your independence and willingness to learn
    • You have an open and enthusiastic approach

    Recruitment contact person:

    Dr. Daniel Maucher, Specialist Project Leader E-Procurement, tel. +41 79 546 87 07

  • Customers, market and media – if you’re interested in these three topics, you’re in the right place. As a graduate intern in the field of market research and usability, you’ll carry out research projects independently and learn what makes customers and the market tick and about how the media report on PostFinance.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • You’ll carry out basic market research projects independently and will support the team with complex projects
    • You’ll apply theoretical knowledge of empirical social research
    • You’ll directly implement your newly acquired knowledge about qualitative and quantitative market research methods
    • You’ll be responsible for compiling and distributing our weekly media review

    What you’ll offer:

    • You have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences (economics, psychology, sociology or political sciences) or wish to spend a semester doing an internship after the fourth semester (or higher)
    • You are enthusiastic about using various research methods
    • You ideally already have skills with SPSS, PowerPoint and Excel
    • You’ll work independently and with great precision
    • You retain your composure, even in hectic situations and can cope with managing projects running in parallel

    Recruitment contact person:

    Lukas Schönenberger, Senior Project Manager Research, tel. +41 78 684 92 08

  • Our Communications & Branding unit positions PostFinance internally and externally in line with our strategy. Via the newsroom we plan and manage relevant internal and external communications topics and instruments for the company. We provide an overview of all corporate communications measures and manage PostFinance’s brand portfolio.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • You’ll provide support with fascinating PostFinance-related topics and will prepare corporate communications
    • You’ll write texts for internal and external communication
    • You’ll create and publish social media posts
    • You’ll provide support with the planning and implementation of events

    What you’ll offer:

    • You’ll be open-minded and enjoy working in a dynamic team
    • You possess very strong writing skills and are social media savvy
    • You have a strong interest in what’s going on in the banking world
    • You are eager to develop communication skills on the job

    Recruitment contact person:

    Simon Bickel, Head of Communications, tel. +41 76 475 89 17

  • PostFinance wishes to participate directly in future market trends and provides innovative, high-growth startups with equity financing. As a member of the four-strong Corporate Venture Capital team, you’ll help to identify new business models in the fin-tech sector at an early stage and shape PostFinance’s future. In constant dialogue, we benefit from complementary experience and perspectives. We live within the national borders of a remote-first approach which combines independent, virtual working with on-site presence on dedicated team days.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • You’ll enrich our team with your perspective on new applications in the finance sector
    • As an investor, you’ll identify promising startups in Switzerland and abroad
    • You’ll carry out an initial evaluation of startups and then discuss them with our visionary team as well as internal and external experts
    • You’ll contribute your view on market and trend analyses in the fintech sector and related areas
    • You’ll represent our team at events to investors and startups

    What you’ll offer:

    • You have graduated with a master’s degree with a focus on corporate management, strategy or technology
    • Enthusiasm for high-growth companies in the finance sector which scale new technologies and innovative business models in a smart way
    • Curiosity about disruptive topics such as Web3 or DeFi
    • You enjoy working in a team, are a good team player and demonstrate innovative thinking, independence and a strong sense of responsibility
    • Strong communication skills in the business context in German and English

    Recruitment contact person:

    Tobias Bassi, Head Corporate Venture Capital, tel. +41 79 595 39 83

  • At PostFinance’s Platform Business business unit, we work on the future of the Swiss mortgage market. We’ve been successfully operating on the market for a number of years. After launching as a purely B2C platform, we entered the B2B market last year and are expanding our business at a rapid pace. Help us to become Switzerland’s no. 1 mortgage platform!

    In the Strategy & Growth unit, you’ll drive forward the entire growth strategy and help us to continually optimize our business model. This includes the planning and implementation of strategic initiatives using internal and external resources. More specifically, you’ll achieve a strategic impact in the complex areas for which you’re responsible from the concept development stage right through to implementation.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • Analysis and definition of recommendations on business model monitoring and business model improvements for our platform business
    • Support for strategic projects with various partners
    • Market and competition analysis, including definition of strategic measures
    • Conceptual formulation and presentation of ideas where you’ll work closely with the business unit management
    • Supporting the business unit management with data-driven decision-making

    What you’ll have to offer:

    • You possess strong conceptual and analytical skills and have a flair for strategic issues
    • You have a creative mind and enjoy contributing fresh ideas and always strive to improve
    • You feel comfortable in both a collaborative and independent work setting
    • You possess excellent communications and interpersonal skills. You speak fluent German, while other languages are a bonus.
    • You’re proactive and not afraid to challenge your peers

    Recruitment contact person:

    Manuel Keller, Growth Manager, tel.: +41 76 575 91 57
    Jérôme Bösiger, Head of Customer Journey, tel. +41 76 371 25 95

  • Want to know how PostFinance identifies, tracks and implements changes to the law? Would you like to provide support with the coordination of various stakeholders and cooperation with the supervisory authorities? Then you’re in the right place at Governance & Regulatory Affairs. We operate at the interface between politics and business and also provide employees with guidance on the right course of action.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • In the field of public affairs, you’ll follow political and regulatory developments, assess their relevance to PostFinance, coordinate the drawing-up of position statements and produce reports for the management (regulatory monitoring)
    • In the Stakeholder Management Unit (institutional contacts) you’ll answer and coordinate queries from various stakeholders (FINMA, OFCOM, Swiss Bankers Association, external auditors, etc.), prepare information and carry out internal checks independently
    • You’ll support PostFinance representatives on the committees of the Swiss Bankers Association by producing briefings
    • In the Integrity Management unit, you’ll advise employees on PostFinance’s Code of Conduct (e.g. anti-corruption, mandates, corporate responsibility) and will carry out clarifications and assessments of conflicts of interest
    • In all units, you’ll support the creation of specification and help documents and the digitization of the underlying processes

    What you’ll offer:

    • You have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics, law or political science or would like to spend a semester doing an internship after the fourth semester (or higher)
    • Analytical thinking and strong writing skills
    • Strong interest in the interaction between the economy, politics and regulatory authorities
    • Precise, dependable and independent approach to work and openness to the wide range of tasks performed by a bank
    • Excellent written and spoken knowledge of German, knowledge of French advantageous

    Recruitment contact person:

    Arno Gartmann, Head of Public Affairs at Governance, Risk, Compliance & Legal; tel. +41 79 475 92 17

  • Together with the Next Generation Team, you will help us to promote young talent within PostFinance. We train the young entrepreneurs of the future, and we ensure our apprentices, trainees and interns are prepared as effectively as possible for working life.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • You will organize and run internal workshops and events, ensuring our apprentices and trainees are able to network effectively.
    • You’ll provide support with the recruitment of our interns
    • You’ll give PostFinance an identity by actively helping to organize university fairs and events, and by taking part yourself.
    • You’ll support our coaches and vocational instructors with the training of our apprentices and will look after the back office for Next Generation

    What you’ll offer:

    • You’ll be at least in the 4th semester of your degree programme and will already hold a university degree, ideally in business administration, social sciences, education science or psychology
    • You’re a good motivator and will be able to win over students and universities to our company
    • You’re used to assuming responsibility and working independently and can communicate effectively in German.
    • You have very good MS Office skills, meaning you have no trouble creating PowerPoint presentations, analysing Excel files and working with Microsoft Teams.
    • You enjoy both administrative and conceptual tasks

    Recruitment contact person:

    Sandra Böttcher, Young Professionals Specialist, e-mail:

  • As part of our team you will play an active role in developing our traditional payment methods. If you’re keen to understand how payment transaction processes will change in the near future, and to help us better position PostFinance on this market, then you could be perfect for our team!

    Your challenge will be to bring customer focus (from capturing customer needs to solution validation) into our product development process.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • Active design/development of traditional payment solutions of PostFinance
    • Work on the top challenge in product development (i.e. customer focus)
    • You’ll be responsible for and will drive forward your own projects with support from our team (e.g. specialist expertise, coaching)

    What you’ll offer:

    • You’ll be in at least the 4th semester of your degree or will already hold a university degree, ideally in business administration, banking and finance, (business) IT etc.
    • Strong interest in working on IT and business projects
    • Willingness to go beyond your comfort zone and to tackle challenging projects
    • Motivation to learn by doing, trial & error.

    Recruitment contact person:

    Alexandre Herrmann, Product Manager, tel. +41 76 558 97 25

  • Want to get to the bottom of legal issues and learn about the obligations regarding the avoidance of illegal activities via PostFinance bank accounts? Interested in creating guidelines, providing training on them and monitoring compliance with them? Then you’re in the right place! We don’t stop until we get to the bottom of things.

    How you’ll make an impact:

    • You’ll advise the line on tackling complex compliance issues
    • You’ll learn how to monitor the line for compliance with legal provisions on the financial markets
    • You’ll design and present training modules for the line
    • You can develop and consolidate your compliance expertise

    What you’ll offer:

    • You’re a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in law or economics
    • The ability to tackle several tasks at once and to prioritize a fluctuating workload
    • You can win over critics with your assertiveness
    • Excellent knowledge of German and/or French; knowledge of Italian advantageous

    Recruitment contact person:

    Andrea Bigi, Compliance Officer, tel. +41 58 341 27 40
    Giuseppe Squatrito, Compliance Officer, tel. +41 58 341 27 57

The advantages for you

Professional and personal development

  • You’ll be introduced to your tasks by an experienced and highly motivated intern supervisor and will soon take responsibility for your own assignments.
  • Regular development and feedback meetings throughout the entire graduate internship will help you to constantly improve.
  • In addition to your work in this specialist unit, you’ll have the chance to undertake mini-internships at our Customer Center, a branch and the accounting department so you get to know our business inside out.

Developing your network at PostFinance

  • You’ll obtain a good insight into your specialist unit, while also working closely with colleagues from other units too.
  • The close contact and networking events with the other trainees and graduate interns means you’ll develop an extensive network.

What you need to offer as a graduate intern

Different skills are needed to meet requirements depending on the specialist unit. We’re looking for graduate interns who think and act boldly, i.e. doers.

What you’ll offer:

  • You are at least in your fourth semester of a bachelor degree programme (university/university of applied sciences) or have already graduated. We also welcome applications from master’s degree students.
  • You have a strong command of German.
  • Joined-up and customer-focused thinking and action go without saying in your case.
  • You’re a friendly person with an inquisitive mind, you have a strong desire to learn and are assertive.

Apply for a graduate internship now – here’s how

  • Apply online for the graduate internship via our vacancies page. For a full application, we just need your CV and references. Tell us about your placement preferences when you send your application. Optionally, you can tell us why you want to join our programme and indicate your preferred departments. You’ll immediately receive an automatic confirmation of receipt after sending your application.

  • We’ll take the time to look at your documents. You can follow the status of your application at any time via your The link will open in a new window candidate profile.

    • If your application matches the profile we’re looking for, we’ll let you know about the next stages in the process.
    • If we’re unable to consider your application, you’ll receive a written rejection letter.

    Due to the large number of applications, we are unable to provide individual feedback for every rejected candidate. We appreciate your understanding. Maybe you’ll be successful next time? Find out about current exciting job opportunities via our Jobmail or join our PostFinance Talent Community so you’re the first to know as soon as we have internship vacancies .

  • We look forward to getting to know the person behind the application better. You’ll be invited to attend one or two interviews in Bern. We want to get to know you better as a person to decide whether we’re a good fit. At the interviews, you’ll find out more about PostFinance, your tasks and the general conditions.

    We advise you to take the opportunity to ask lots of questions so you can make the best decision for you and your career.

  • After we’ve thoroughly evaluated all candidates, we’ll call you to let you know our decision.

    If you’re offered the job, we’ll send you confirmation of employment and then your personal individual employment contract. You’ve done it! Congratulations and welcome to PostFinance. We look forward to working with you.

    Even if you’re unsuccessful this time, make sure to keep in touch with us and subscribe to our Jobmail. We’d be delighted if you applied again.

  • In the first few weeks you will get to know your team, your tasks and the relevant tools. You’ll also attend your first information and networking event with the other interns and the entry programme managers. At the “Welcome to PostFinance” event, you will meet many other new employees, expand your network and find out about our strategy, vision and the various units.

Get to know our current and former graduate interns

Want to know what graduate interns do at PostFinance? Or what they thought about their internships? Or do you simply want to chat and ask burning questions? Then get to know our current and former graduate interns and obtain exclusive insights.

  • Market research internship

    “Keen to apply what I’d learned in my degree, I started my graduate internship at PostFinance. I was welcomed with open arms at Market Research. I was soon taking the lead in projects and contributing my expert input and own ideas. The contact with employees from other departments, graduate interns and trainees gave me a great insight into other specialist units. If you’re looking to gain an understanding of a highly diverse company and want to apply your skills and what you’ve learned on your degree, then a graduate internship at PostFinance is just the right option.”


  • IT Architect

    “After my bachelor’s degree in business informatics, I was looking for internships in IT. PostFinance advertised various exciting positions, but the graduate internship as a solution architect appealed to me most. In February 2018, I started my internship in this very team. The helpful and positive feedback culture at PostFinance meant I was able to learn a great deal very quickly. As an intern, I also got the opportunity to work on the major project to introduce e-asset management centrally. During the placement, I was able to apply much of what I’d learned on my degree programme and to put my abilities to the test. I enjoyed working at PostFinance so much that, with support from my line manager, I made an internal application during my placement and was taken on as an IT Business Analyst. This position provides a really good insight into a bank’s various departments and challenges during projects. During the set-up of the agile organizational structure, I moved to IT architecture in the field of big data, analytics and reporting, where I’ve worked ever since. My tasks here include planning and enabling the provision of data and information via applications. The data is then used to make well-founded business decisions.”


Other entry-level opportunities