Your job as a scrum master

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At PostFinance, we work on ways of managing Switzerland’s money both now and in the future. We create practical solutions for our customers and help shape the technology trends on the market. We achieve this thanks to our unique culture, which enables us to work with a pioneering spirit every day.

Your role as a scrum master

As a scrum master with PostFinance (known internally as a delivery team lead), you will support and help your delivery team with agile ways of working and to embrace an agile mindset. You will play a key role as a coach and act as the first point of contact when obstacles arise. Through your work, you will enable your team to embrace self-organization, while promoting continuous learning. You will also play an active role in supporting the recruitment of new team members and you’ll be involved in the internal DTL community.

Our agile framework was designed using the SAFe model and adapted to our requirements. This resulted in the development of the Enterprise Agile Delivery process, or EAD for short. Find out exactly how this works in the video below.

You can see how our delivery teams are structured in the graphic below. A team can consist of between 5 and 11 people, depending on the complexity of the application. Some people also work in the role of architect owner and business analyst, depending on how large the team is.

A PostFinance delivery team consists of these roles: PO, DTL, team members and business representatives.

First-hand accounts – our employees talk about their job

  • Being open and bold and discovering new things as a team

    As DTL, I enable and support my team in agile ceremony methods. I am a coach, I promote self-organization and I foster co-operation and communication between the members of the team. To do this, I try to lead by example by embracing our agile values and principles. In this active leadership role, I help my team to learn and grow on a continuous basis. This can sometimes be quite challenging and demanding given there is no right or wrong answer. What this means for me personally is not limiting myself to a hard-and-fast solution, but being open and bold so that we can try out and discover new things as a team. 

  • Added value created by high-performance, flexible teams

    As a servant leader, I support the team so that we can produce high-quality, value-creating software together. Working closely with the product owner, we create the framework conditions for a high-performance, flexible team that enjoys its work. I also thoroughly enjoy my role as DTL and I especially appreciate the different “flight levels”. It may well be the case that something starts out as an operational issue, but turns into a strategic issue that requires a conceptual, organizational solution. I also like the fact that it’s still a people business at its core and that its aim is for us to create added value for our PostFinance customers as a team. 

  • We rely on pioneering achievements

    PostFinance, a major player in the volatile banking market and the world of digitization, relies on pioneering achievements. This requires functioning, agile teams. I am committed on a daily basis as DTL to building, managing and guiding our interdisciplinary teams towards our strategic objectives. “With each other, not against each other”, “There are no problems, just challenges”, “Respect” and “Cross-team support” are examples of the principles that we reflect in our teams. To my mind, pioneering achievements are only possible if you enjoy your work and see your team as friends. 

  • Actively helping to shape the future of PostFinance

    As DTL with PostFinance, I coach my team in agile ways of working. Working together with the product owner, I plan and moderate the agile ceremonies and try to shield the team as best as I can from distracting outside influences. My team’s happiness is my absolute bread and butter. I regularly have meetings with my team members, I support them with their concerns and help them with both their personal and professional development. I am involved in the recruitment process from the outset and I plan out the induction of newcomers into our team. I participate in CoPs across all the teams to get everyone sharing their experiences, and in working groups, I’m able to actively help shape the future of PostFinance as well.

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