CO2 calculator competition

Reduce your carbon footprint with the Trial GA Travelcard

Thank you for entering our competition. We would like congratulate the winners and wish them a pleasant journey with the GA Travelcard.

If you didn’t win or take part, you still have a reason to smile. A Trial GA Travelcard gives you the chance to achieve a guaranteed reduction in your carbon footprint for a month. If you also seamlessly convert your Trial GA Travelcard into an annual GA Travelcard, you can enjoy an additional discount.

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The journey continues, with or without a GA Travelcard − and our CO2 calculator can support you and help you keep track of your carbon footprint.

How the CO2 calculator works

The calculator is essentially based on the transaction data from your card payments. This data is augmented with emission factors, and a summary of the data is displayed each month in 14 categories. Your data is used to calculate the average for PostFinance customers, for display in the CO2 calculator overview, and to maintain and improve theCO2 calculator.

Your data is not disclosed to third parties. By logging in and launching the calculator, you agree to the processing of your data.