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Created on 28.11.2022

Sustainability solutions: investing to combat climate change

Offering customers sustainable and innovative investment solutions: this is one of the prime objectives of PostFinance’s sustainability strategy. With its new low-carbon tracker certificate, the bank has even launched a world first on the Swiss financial market in collaboration with Globalance: a product that allows investors to invest even very small amounts and to diversify their investments in line with the Paris Agreement’s 2 degree target.

PostFinance is on the road to greater sustainability, armed with courage, commitment and vision. The bank has set itself ambitious goals to achieve this and is taking its customers along on the journey, offering sustainable and innovative retirement planning, fund and investment solutions. One such product is a new low-carbon tracker certificate. This allows customers to invest easily and with small amounts in companies that operate in line with the  The link will open in a new window Paris Agreement’s  2 degree target. By doing so, investors are backing the objective of international climate policy to ensure global warming is kept to below 2 degrees Celsius by reducing CO2 emissions.

Developed in collaboration with a pioneer in sustainability

PostFinance has developed the new tracker certificate in collaboration with Globalance Bank AG, a Swiss pioneer when it comes to sustainable investment. Long before these issues became mainstream, the founding members of Globalance were grappling with the challenge of how to measure sustainability, turn it into return-oriented investment opportunities, and how to transparently show investors what these investments achieve. They also set the very first benchmark in the form of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index back in 1995. We speak to Daniel Bruderer, Head of Business Development with Globalance, about the investment product it launched with PostFinance.

What does investing sustainably actually mean?

Daniel Bruderer: Those who want to make responsible, sustainable investments select companies and industries that have a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy. According to Globalance, these companies help to solve problems rather than cause them, and they are also capable of playing an active, successful role in the future as well.

What is Globalance’s mission?

Globalance wants to enable investors to invest in future-oriented companies that have a positive impact on global developments through their business activities. Or, to put it another way: in the field of sustainability, we are looking for companies that overcome global challenges and change the world for the better through their business activities. This could, for instance, be companies that offer resource-efficient products, that are working on new mobility solutions, or that promote concepts for liveable megacities.

How does Globalance measure a company’s sustainability contribution?

Our own Globalance Footprint serves as our standard. This assesses positive or negative activities across nine dimensions. These include education, health, nutrition and environmental preservation.

What characterizes the tracker certificate developed with PostFinance?

By focusing clearly on climate change as one of the major global challenges of our times. The companies selected must all be able to demonstrate that they operate in line with the Paris Agreement. This means the warming potential of their economic activities should not exceed the 2-degree mark, and they should prove effective at combating climate change. Additionally, each investment in the new tracker certificate has at least a compensated or positive footprint.

What makes this product so pioneering?

It is so far an unparalleled combination on the Swiss financial market: firstly, investors can use this instrument to investment small amounts in a basket of global companies from various sectors, for instance energy, pharma or technology. Secondly, investors can use it to make a return that is comparable to traditional financial products – while of course bearing in mind the risks that all financial investments involve. Thirdly, they can make investments that are fully compatible with the Paris Agreement, and do so sustainably. Combining these three dimensions in a single, broadly diversified portfolio is a first on the Swiss financial market.

PostFinance and Globalance: partnering to achieve more sustainability.

Pushing ahead on sustainability with innovative products and services: both PostFinance and Globalance have set this as their goal. And it’s better done together. “Globalance and the Corporate Responsibility team at PostFinance first got in touch about a year and a half ago. We quickly came to realize that we share the same mindset, and that we see potential for synergy in working together,” explains Anne-Käthi Leuenberger, Joint Head of Corporate Responsibility at PostFinance. Daniel Bruderer from Globalance adds: “What makes us particularly happy is the fact that our PostFinance customers can benefit from this valuable partnership. And this partnership combines Globalance’s many years of experience as a pioneer in sustainable investment with the proximity PostFinance has with its customers in Switzerland, and the role it plays for them.” But the launch of the new tracker certificate does not mark the end of the partnership: “We are currently looking at other products and services together,” says Anne-Käthi.

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