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Created on 01.04.2019

Why PostFinance is one of the best training companies in Switzerland

In August 2018, PostFinance’s Competence Center for Young Professionals (CCYP) was presented with the “Great Place to Start” award, identifying it as one of the best apprenticeship providers in Switzerland for 2018.

The “Great Place to Start” award recognizes companies with an exemplary workplace culture for apprentices. The company training scheme and an anonymous survey conducted amongst apprentices carry equal weighting in the certification procedure. The report by Great Place to Work® concluded that CCYP apprentices are very satisfied with their jobs, enjoy their work and have confidence in their training provider. In particular, they appreciate the constructive approach to mistakes, the strong team spirit and opportunity to work independently.

Want to learn independently and creatively? PostFinance promotes this in its apprenticeships

The award is a testament to the work put in daily by the entire CCYP management and apprenticeship team. The training given to apprentices places great emphasis on individual responsibility and creativity. The apprentices organize their work independently using agile working methods and are able to take on responsibility at an early stage. The CCYP is a breeding ground for the ICT (information and communications technology) professions at PostFinance, providing a continual supply of qualified specialists. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the apprenticeship center trains the professionals of the future in the fields of IT, mediamatics, interactive media design and commercial apprenticeships.

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is a consultancy firm which operates in over 50 countries. Its ranking of the best employers is the world’s best-known and largest initiative aimed at improving workplace culture, with around 10,000 companies surveyed each year. Great Place to Work® Switzerland was founded in Zurich in 2008. The national benchmark competition “Switzerland’s best employer” – which companies of all sizes and from all sectors and regions take part in – has been held annually since 2009.

Useful to know

  • 32 apprentices are currently completing their training at the CCYP
  • 4 occupational profiles can be chosen by apprentices at the CCYP
  • 100% of IT apprentices were retained after their training
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