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Created on 17.09.2020

E-sports tournaments for everyone: five hands-on tips from a Swiss star gamer

What does it take to participate in e-sports tournaments like the PostFinance Gaming Cup on an amateur basis? Get some tips from mYinsanity star Karan “SenpaiRekt” Rastogi.

The PostFinance Gaming Cup is the new e-sports event in Switzerland for everyone who enjoys gaming. In teams of two to five people this autumn, participants will compete in three of the currently most popular video games: the mobile game Brawl Stars, the ice hockey sports simulation NHL 20 for the Playstation 4 and the PC game with one of the largest fan bases, League of Legends. The main prize is participation in an e-sports boot camp with the stars of mYinsanity. One of those stars is Karan “SenpaiRekt” Rastogi. We asked him for his top tips for gaming competitions.

Tip 1: Know your team members

It’s best to assemble a team made up of members you know - like friends or family. Because, as in any team, the most important thing in e-sports that you get on well. You can also network with strangers to form a team, but then there is always the risk that your team will not have the bond that it needs.

Tip 2: Appoint a captain

You should designate a captain for your team. The captain must ensure that the team is working in unison. They are also responsible for making important decisions and giving the right callouts during a game.

Tip 3: Practice makes perfect

It is advisable to train together as a team and develop common strategies. But it is also important to constantly train alone in order to improve your own performance. A team is only as strong as its weakest member.

Tip 4: Take breaks

Moderate and balanced gaming is the order of the day. Breaks are essential to ensure that you can maintain your concentration levels. It is also important to eat healthily, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. This is the only way you can access 100% of your potential.

Tip 5: Have fun

Make sure fun is a priority. If you don’t have fun together, you can’t function as a team. You have to laugh together and be able to give and take criticism constructively – even in stressful gaming sessions.

About Karan “SenpaiRekt” Rastogi

Karan “SenpaiRekt” Rastogi is a member of the The link will open in a new window mYinsanity team and remembers his first major tournament: “That was the Red Bull MEO final in Dortmund. The best player from each of countless countries qualified and I was able to represent Switzerland. I went to the tournament without any great expectations. I just wanted to have a good time and meet new people. In the end, it was that relaxed attitude that helped me to make it into the top 16. Of course I was very nervous at first, but after two or three games I managed to shake off the nerves.”

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