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Created on 29.10.2020

Do you have the skills for digital transformation?

Employees need a special set of skills for digital transformation. At PostFinance, you have the opportunity to develop them – as part of an exciting learning opportunity based on a unique competency model.

PostFinance builds on these skills in particular Spirit of discovery. Uncovering new worlds and daring to experiment. Free, unconventional thinking. Thirst for knowledge. Lifelong learning. Analysing and offering rational explanations. Making decisions based on data and facts. Passion Winning – thanks to our courage, passion and speed. Fighting spirit Acting decisively. Resolving conflict consciously. Future-oriented thinking: foresight. Making the world a better place. Taking advantage of opportunities. Sense of inspiration: inspiring others and letting them inspire you. Forming open networks.

Staff at PostFinance work on ways of managing Switzerland’s money both now and in the future. To be successful in the exciting work environment of digital transformation, we need the right culture, a new understanding of leadership and, above all, courage, a spirit of discovery and further skills and abilities in all employees. “We use a newly developed competency model supported by a new understanding of leadership and new learning options to achieve the shift towards the desired culture,” explains Dieter Kramer, Streamlead Skills at PostFinance.

How pronounced are the skills?

The competency model defines all the skills that are considered to be especially important for the future at PostFinance and designates them with colours. Yellow skills, for example, include a “thirst for knowledge” and “spirit of discovery”, red skills cover “passion” and “fighting spirit” and aqua skills denote a “sense of inspiration” and “future-oriented thinking”. The new model also enables us to find out how pronounced these skills are in individual employees. This calls on so-called observed characteristics such as “I consciously resolve conflict” or “I go out on a limb” when it comes to the “fighting spirit” skill. They can be subdivided into four levels from “not pronounced enough” to “excessively pronounced”.

Which skills require additional learning?

But how can these future skills now be promoted within the company? “Team members and managers discuss their skills in feedback sessions. Those who need to strengthen specific aspects can use the “Learning Cube” to identify suitable opportunities,“ explains Dieter Kramer. After all, the goal is to bring all staff members contributing to the shift along on the journey into the future.

Exciting further training opportunities

The “Learning Cube” provides PostFinance employees with a targeted and exciting learning opportunity that moves both you and the company forward. There are around 50 learning modules available aimed at teaching staff future skills such as “agile project management” and “innovation”. And the Learning Cube is continually being expanded with new skills-based learning modules. This keeps learning exciting.

Do you want to put your abilities to use at PostFinance and continue developing your skills?

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