The PostFinance innovation laboratory

PFLab is experimenting, testing and innovating in all things future-related, and it is playing a major role in developing PostFinance’s future business plans.

PFLab is fostering innovation and spearheading it using the right methods, tools and spaces. Working with staff, start-ups, companies and other visionaries, we are testing new business models and tapping into new markets in the process. In collaboration with the venturing team, PFLab is contributing to promising start-ups and their business models. We also promote partnerships with universities and networks. 

PFLab – a space for innovation

PFLab provides a space for innovative work. A place of inspiration where you can experience, test and discuss new techniques and technologies. PFLab is an ideas lab where people have space to experiment so they can explore new ways of thinking, where they are free to fail and where they can develop groundbreaking products and services.

PFLab – toolbox

On the road to innovation, PFLab provides support in the form of suitable methods and tools. From developing an innovative mindset, getting those creative boosts right through to the business plan itself, PFLab uses appropriate methods to foster the whole process.

PFLab – a networking hub

PFLab is a meeting point for all sorts of different people, companies and projects. It’s where PostFinance employees, external individuals, start-ups, companies, universities and innovative networks come together to draw inspiration, to network and to exchange ideas.

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