How PostFinance promotes innovations

Innovation is a major driver in PostFinance’s success. PostFinance relies on internal and external innovation partners to develop forward-looking business projects.

PostFinance is continually looking for and finding highly promising business plans to provide its customers with added value and to drive the company forward.

Promoting an internal culture of innovation

PostFinance fosters a vibrant culture of innovation within the company by providing employees with the scope to develop business projects fit for the future and by making suitable methods, tools and facilities available.

External cooperation

PostFinance also collaborates with external innovation partners, such as universities, universities of applied sciences, companies and start-ups. PostFinance strongly believes that drawing on external expertise enhances innovative strength. Highly promising innovation projects are identified, evaluated and implemented through various forms of cooperation, such as partnership-based collaboration, acquisitions and participations.

PostFinance innovation process

PostFinance uses a well-structured innovation process with three horizons. Highly promising business ideas are assessed on how innovative they are, as well as the impact they will have on the core business or the business model. Innovations are assigned to one of the three horizons based on this assessment:

The graphic shows the three horizons of the innovation process based on growth/degree of innovation or the change to the business model/core business over the course of time. Horizon 1: development and gradual improvement of the existing solution in the core business; Horizon 2: development of digital solutions in the adjoining core business which foster the transformation of PostFinance into a digital powerhouse; Horizon 3: development of new business models and fields outside of the current core business of an experimental and pilot nature.

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