We as a company

We act responsibly

We recognize our position as a role model, and are positioning ourselves as a responsible company. But this doesn’t just involve thinking about the environment – we also assume social responsibility as an employer. This means that – in addition to our target of achieving climate neutrality by 2040 – diversity and work-life balance are also fundamental.

  • Saving natural resources is not only an economic necessity, it also contributes to the competitiveness and credibility of PostFinance. PostFinance applies an appropriate set of measures that the company is expanding with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint over the next few years.

    Targeted environmental management

    PostFinance’s environmental management system is based on the environmental management standard ISO 14001. PostFinance uses this to coordinate and control environmentally relevant activities and implement its environmental policy on the basis of defined environmental goals.

    Active CO2 reduction

    To meet the power requirements of its data centers, PostFinance has obtained certificates for 100%  renewable hydroelectric power. PostFinance is also actively cutting CO2 emissions by making environmentally friendly investments, optimizing systems on an ongoing basis, embracing renewable sources of energy more and more for electricity and heating and by setting CO2 emission limits for procuring passenger vehicles. To make public transport more appealing to its staff, PostFinance offers incentives, such as a free Half Fare Travelcard and a discounted GA Travelcard.

    Economical water use

    PostFinance endeavours to save water, and proactively seeks to reduce its consumption. For instance, it uses AquaClics and has converted to dry-cleaning at the Engehalde site.

    Reduced paper consumption

    Since 2007, PostFinance has printed customer documents, advertising material and internal printed matter on FSC paper whenever possible. The company also tries to save paper. PostFinance has been able to reduce its paper consumption thanks to internal guidelines, the introduction of batch items and, not least, e-finance.

  • The unique culture at PostFinance is key to the company’s success. Its employees are incredibly innovative, treat each other as equals and support one other. The staff at PostFinance also work in a modern environment: state-of-the-art workstations and home working and flexitime opportunities for a perfect work-life balance.

    Investing in apprenticeships is very important to PostFinance. The Competence Center for Young Professionals (CCYP) is a talent incubator for information and communications technology (ICT) professions at PostFinance, providing a continual supply of qualified specialists. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the apprenticeship center trains the professionals of the future in the fields of IT, mediamatics, interactive media design and commercial. The CCYP was awarded the accolade of “Great Place to Start” in August 2018 as one of the best training companies in Switzerland.

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