Sustainable innovations

We are making progress with innovations

We don’t just concentrate on the here and now – we’re already thinking about what lies ahead. PostFinance’s products should continue to be meaningful and a joy to use in future. This is why we are always on the lookout for new, innovation solutions, with a particular focus on sustainable finance.

New solutions yield opportunities

The field of sustainability offers many opportunities. PostFinance wants to tap into these on a systematic basis to launch new and innovative customer solutions. Examples of this are its commitment to the The link will open in a new window Swiss Climate Challenge initiative, proactively seeking sustainable business models (impact banking) as well as its participations in entities such as Ormera – empowering sustainable livingThe link will open in a new window RaiseNowThe link will open in a new window BetterTradeoff and The link will open in a new window Sentifi.

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