Commitment to culture and diversity

PostFinance has been active in the cultural sector since 2021 with “MTV Unplugged Patent Ochsner”. PostFinance will be accompanying Patent Ochsner on this journey, as both tour and presenting partner. In addition to the cultural aspect, the work we do in this area has focused on our approach to diversity.

Diversity is very important to PostFinance, and we promote it in all shapes and forms, with a particular focus on gender equality. To us, gender equality means that everyone, regardless of their gender identity, should be given equal opportunities.

PostFinance and Patent Ochsner share these values wholeheartedly. There is still so much to do here in both the cultural sphere and in business. We want to tackle these challenges head-on. Under the slogan “für immer uf si” (“A toast to you forever!”), based on the title of a well-known song by Patent Ochsner, we want to tap into synergies and to explore and embrace the theme of diversity together. 

  • Monic Mathys, Katha Martina, Estefania Campana and Sonja Ott from Patent Ochsner sat down for a nice long chat with us. In the video they talk about their work with Patent Ochsner and explain what day-to-day life is like in the band. We also learn more about what diversity in our society means to them. 

  • In an interview with Stefanie Haag, who is responsible for gender equality at PostFinance as a specialist, we learn how targeted diversity in management positions can be achieved. Stefanie also goes into detail about working together with Patent Ochsner, and explains which of Monic Mathys and Katha Langstrumpf’s statements she remembers in particular.

  • For 30 years now, lead singer Büne Huber hasn’t been the only person to have a major role in cult band Patent Ochsner. Monic on the electric bass and Katha, part of the backstage crew, are also a big part of this successful team. In this special episode, we discuss the band culture with them, gender roles in society, and we also find out what their experiences backstage have been – Monic as a woman and Katha identifying as non-binary.

    But what do PostFinance and the cult band Ochsner have in common? Both the band and PostFinance live and breathe diversity. CTO Gabriela Länger explains how PostFinance has engrained this principle in the company’s corporate culture.

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