Esports Experiment PostFinance

Be a pro for a year thanks to PostFinance

Esports are booming worldwide however they do not extend beyond a niche market in Switzerland. In order to promote this new, emerging sport, PostFinance has launched an initiative: the Esports Experiment. Five players can form a professional team for a year and train full time in League of Legends, as well as test themselves in battles.

A coach, gaming house and salary are all included

The Esports Experiment is aimed at gamers who aspire to a professional career. They will train with an internationally experienced coach and receive support from various advisors. For one year the team will live in a house with a fully equipped training room and as such can focus on the sport completely.

PostFinance also supports digital sport

Gaming is not only very popular but has also become an important economic factor. PostFinance would like to give the population a better understanding of this sport and document the Esports Experiment over the course of a year.

January 2019 kick-off

Anybody who was interested could apply for a spot on the team by 20 August 2018. The coach will now select the most suitable players and put the team together by October. Kick-off will be in January 2019: for twelve months, the team will then play «League of Legends» full-time and share their everyday experiences as  professional Esport Athletes.

More details about the project will be published on our various channels.

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