Esports involvement

Support in Swiss Esports

In 2019, PostFinance made a groundbreaking contribution to Swiss Esports with the “Esports Experiment PostFinance”. PostFinance is now continuing its involvement in Esports, and since April 2020, has been the main partner of the Swiss Esports organization “mYinsanity”, which currently supports over 30 semi-professional athletes in their Esports career in eleven games. With numerous tournament wins all over the world under its belt, “mYinsanity” is the most successful Esports organization in Switzerland.

A Swiss success story

In 2009, “mYinsanity” was founded as an association of young people, and was soon able to compete with the very best in Esports in Switzerland. The next step to international level followed in 2013: athletes from all over the world played the games “StarCraft II” and “Heroes of the Storm”, with prestigious tournaments won around the globe. “mYinsanity” soon became a pool of talent, continuing to win prestigious tournaments as an outsider.

In 2017, it was decided “mYinsanity” would once again focus on the local scene and use its international experience to help home-grown talent make it to the top. And very successfully, too: ever since that decision, they’ve won a number of Swiss leagues, competing in various Esports titles, including the only medal ever won by a Swiss player at the Esports Nations Cup.

PostFinance supports the local Esports community

PostFinance’s involvement with “mYinsanity” will also give the wider Esports and gaming community in Switzerland a platform to put their skills to the test. More details to follow in summer 2020.

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